Planning and strategizing

When we start working with a new applicant, we first do a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular strengths and weaknesses. We then advise applicants on what extracurricular activities to focus on, as well as what standardized tests to take and when (for example the ACT, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL, and IELTS). We provide a schedule for applicants to follow, making sure they have an opportunity for any re-tests if necessary. If needed, we will guide applicants to appropriate test preparation resources.

For those in 10th and 11th grade, we devise a roadmap to follow and schedule periodic consultations.

School selection

There are hundreds of colleges in the United States, Canada, and the UK. After an applicant receives his or her main test scores (ACT or SAT) or has a good idea of how he or she will perform, we begin the process of selecting schools to apply to. We take into account the applicant’s academic and test performance, desired course of study, geographic preferences, and financial situation. Our selection is not based on rankings alone; we have an impressive collection of information from multiple sources. Our knowledge goes beyond what you might find on the Internet or in magazines and books: we have experience at multiple institutions an unparalleled network of alumni from all the top universities. We’re always prepared to reach out to that network for advice and information. Collectively, our admissions counselors, writing specialists, and board of advisors have degrees from the following schools:We all have friends and colleagues from other fine institutions, and we never hesitate to reach out so we can provide our clients with accurate, personalized information. With IvyAchievement, our network is your network.

Financial aid and scholarship search

College is expensive. Resources for domestic students to obtain aid are plentiful, but there are very few resources for international students. That’s why we specialize in assisting international students find scholarships and financial aid. We have a database of over 200 universities that provide financial aid to international students, including what proportion of international students get aid, how much aid is offered on average, and what the costs are after aid. We’ve performed meticulous research using both free and paid sources. (We don’t just provide a report from some other website or use data from a commercial database, which is often unreliable and outdated.) We’ve also performed our own calculations to make public data more intelligible and present information in easy-to-compare, graphical format. Once we have shortlisted schools, we provide detailed data to applicants and parents on all shortlisted schools. Our financial aid and scholarship database is exclusive to IvyAchievement and cannot be found online. We’re proud to offer this exclusive scholarship and financial aid information to our clients, which could save you money.

Our clients have been offered millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid.

Application assistance

Just filling out your applications can be daunting. We’re here to help. We’re familiar with the details and requirements of the Common Application, the Coalition Application, the Universal Application, the UC application, ApplyTexas, UCAS (for UK), OCAS (for Canada), and several other applications particular to individual schools, such as MyMIT and myIllini (for UIUC). We help you quickly and accurately fill out biographical information, academic preferences, and short answer questions. We are especially adept at helping applicants list and describe their extracurricular activities, awards, and honors. This is important, because the Common Application limits descriptions to 150 characters and the University of California Application limits descriptions to 160 characters. We excel at communicating the most relevant and impressive information in the available space.

Essay development and revision

Essays are one of the most important parts of a college application. A good essay can make a difference between an acceptance and a rejection. That’s why we’ve hired the very best writing specialists to help our clients with the essay writing process. Our writing specialists undergo a rigorous evaluation process to assure their competency and an interview to make sure they can appropriately engage with applicants. In fact, we are as selective as most elite colleges, with less than 10% of writing specialist candidates being invited to join our team. Our writing specialists have degrees from leading institutions—most have a master’s degree or higher—and several come from elite creative writing programs. You won’t find a more experienced or dedicated team of college essay specialists anywhere.

We start the essay writing process by conducting a thorough interview and brainstorming session using special interview techniques developed by lawyers and journalists. (How do we know these techniques? Because several of our team members are lawyers and journalists!) Over the course of the interview and brainstorming session, we identify major points to highlight in an applicant’s essay. We then provide a detailed outline for each applicant to follow, including what content they should include in their introduction, body, and conclusion. Once the applicant has written the essay, we provide feedback and suggest improvements to the essay if necessary. After the applicant has completed a satisfactory draft, our editors get to work correcting errors, adjusting an essay’s structure, modifying tone where necessary, and modifying the essay to satisfy the conventions of the appropriate country. (We are well versed in the differences between American, British, and Canadian English.) We know which topics work and which don’t and help you to not just include material that helps you, but avoid material that is less helpful. Our goal is to make the reader say “wow, how can we not admit this applicant to our institution?”

Our process produces superior results and captures the student’s “voice,” which is essential to crafting a standout essay and impressing an admissions officer. Our clients benefit not just from having outstanding, compelling essays, but they learn about the writing process and develop their own skills in the process. Several applicants we’ve assisted used to have trouble composing and revising essays, but now can write them with ease! Our interactive, instructive approach benefits applicants in the long run, giving them the tools to succeed in college and beyond.


Too many errors can be fatal to an application! Once each application is ready for submission, we give it a thorough review to catch any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. We also do proofreading of individual essays upon request. Most of our writing specialists have professional proofreading experience at major publications.

Letters of recommendation

We know your counselors and teachers are busy. To assist them, we can provide material for teachers or counselor to include in their recommendations. If your teacher or counselor has asked you to write a letter of recommendation for them, we can help you craft it with the right content and tone.

Professional application review

We want you to benefit from our experience. One or more of our admissions counselors review our clients’ applications and provide an evaluation of an applicant’s admission chances. Our admissions counselors have experience in admissions offices at top schools, including Stanford, MIT, and Cornell.

Résumé building and editing

If necessary, we help applicants construct and format a résumé for use on their applications.

Interview preparation

Many schools interview applicants as part of the admissions process. We prepare our clients for these interviews through preparation sessions and mock interviews. Wherever possible, we put you in touch with a current student or alumnus of the school where you are interviewing!

Portfolio curating

Many colleges solicit portfolios of art, music, or research. We help applicants select the best pieces to exhibit their talents. Where possible, we consult experts in the relevant fields.

ZeeMee™ and social media coaching

ZeeMee™ is an online platform to share your profile and give colleges a more complete view of your interests, accomplishments, and personality. We guide applicants through the creation of the profile to make sure it stands out. We can also help curate and secure your social media so that damaging and/or embarrassing material is not visible to admissions officers.


Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a parent or student will ever make. Once our clients receive their numerous acceptances and scholarship offers, we help them find the best fit. We provide resources for accepted applicants to get in touch with current students and alumni of their potential choices.

Letters of continued interest

Sometimes applicants are deferred from early action or early decision programs or put on a waitlist. If that happens, we help an applicant write a “letter of continued interest” (LOCI) to communicate his or her desire to attend the school.


We help our international clients fill out the necessary forms for visas and prepare them for interviews with immigration officers. We also provide our clients regular updates about legal and political developments in the United States and Canada.

Support by email and phone

We make customer support a priority. With our premium packages, we make ourselves available to clients via email and WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, and usually respond within 24 hours!


IvyAchievement packages

Our Basic package includes everything you need to get you started with your application. It includes assistance filling your application, developing and editing your essays, and proofreading your whole application to make sure it’s perfect. Our basic package includes one application and supplement of your choice. Usually clients choose to get assistance with the Common Application and their top choice school supplement. More schools can be added at additional cost per school.

With the IvyAchievement Basic package, our engagement ends when the applicant submits all required materials for his or her application. Additional support must be purchased later.

Silver Package

Our silver package gives your family more support and flexibility than our Basic package, covering everything your child needs to get into multiple schools of your family’s choice. Most of our clients have to fill out multiple applications, so this package includes four. For example, this would give you help with Harvard and Stanford using the Common Application, all of the University of California schools using the University of California Application, and most schools in Texas using the ApplyTexas application. In addition to the services offered in our Basic Package, we will edit one of your letters of recommendation (if your child is permitted), help your child prepare for any interviews, and help you and your child decide which school to attend once you’ve received your acceptances. We also provide phone support to our clients who purchase the Silver Package and higher. The Silver Package is a good choice for those familiar with the process and intending to apply early to a just a few schools.

Gold Package

Our Gold package is a premium service designed to give your child full support throughout the entire application process and gain a competitive edge over his or her peers. In addition to the services offered in our silver package, we help your child put together a résumé (optional but recommended on many applications); edit up to three letters of recommendation; help curate a portfolio if your child has artistic, athletic, or musical talent; assist your child in the creation of a ZeeMee profile (accepted by several schools to provide a more well-rounded view of applicants); and help your child write a letter of continued interest if he or she is deferred or waitlisted by any of the colleges they’ve applied to. The Gold package includes assistance with 12 applications. For example, Gold package families would receive our assistance applying to four Ivy League schools, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and all the University of California schools. Gold package clients get a 20% discount on additional applications and services.

Platinum Package

With our Platinum package, your child will receive all the services in our Gold Package and get assistance with up to 18 applications, plus more. For example, with the Platinum Package, your child would receive our assistance applying to all eight Ivy League schools, all 10 University of California campuses, all University of Texas and Texas state schools, Stanford, MIT, the University of Chicago, and two other schools of your choice. The Platinum package also includes any assistance your child needs with letters of recommendation, as long as your child has their counselor’s and/or recommenders’ approval. You’ll save thousands of dollars over purchasing these services individually and hundreds upgrading from the Gold package. In case your child needs help with additional schools, other services are 30% off.

Diamond Package

Our Diamond Package is the ultimate in elite college counseling services. It includes everything your child needs for as many schools as he or she chooses to apply to. Included are all services for anything related to admissions.

The Diamond Package may be paid in three installments.

Consultation only

Half hour $80
1-4 hours $150/hour
5-9 hours $120/hr
10+ hours $90/hr

Please contact us if you have any questions.